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US Navy SEALs Resilience: Lessons on Mental Toughness

Mental toughness and resilience is a key quality in athletes that are revered and successful in their chosen sport. The US Navy SEALs resilience is renowned, they are some of the most mentally tough people in the world. The Navy SEALs consistently work where regular combat units do not have the capabilities to create a successful […]

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Accountable Athletes: 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

In this week’s 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson, we discuss specific strategies for coaching accountable athletes. Accountability is doing what you say you’re going to do and executing the task to the best of your ability. Then being able to put your hand up and say ‘this is what I need to do better’ […]

Data Analytics in Sport: Science vs People

An article has been published in the MIT Technology Review looking at the best-selling book Moneyball by Michael Lewis and how it has changed the way people think about data analytics in sport.

Lewis’s book introduced the sporting world, and in particular those with the biggest vested interests, a method in which player performance was measured and assessed […]

Bo Hanson in the Coaches Insider Newsletter

In April 2016, Bo Hanson’s video on ‘Mastering Accountability with your Athletes’ was featured in the Coaches Insider Newsletter for Football, Volleyball, Track, Men’s Basketball, Women’s Basketball, Wrestling, Baseball, Soccer, Softball and Lacrosse.

You can watch Bo present on Mastering Strategies for Athlete Accountability here

Accountability is doing what you say you’re going […]

DISC Profile Strengths in Sport

Our role at Athlete Assessments is to help people become more self-aware. When you complete your CoachDISC or AthleteDISC Profile, you are essentially given the tools you need to become truly aware of the behaviors that help you and those that can be limitations. This is where knowing your DISC Profile […]

Values and Behavior in Sport

Adapting your behavior without compromising your values

One of the challenges we face as Coaches or as leaders at some stage of our career is when we feel like our values have been compromised. So what are our values, what defines them and what is the difference between our values and behavior?

One definition is that values […]

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Bo Hanson in the 2016 NTL Edition of The Hard Wrap

Bo Hanson was recently asked to contribute an article on Creating the Right Sports Team Culture: 10 Critical Factors to the 2016 NTL Edition of The Hard Wrap. The Hard Wrap magazine delivers the latest news and views from across all the states to the Touch Football community. This edition features the 2016 National Touch […]

Recognizing strengths in DISC Profiles: 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

In this 5 Minute with Bo Hanson, Bo talks about recognizing strengths in DISC Profiles. Coaches can often see their athletes’ limitations, but can overlook their strengths when it comes to behaviors.

Recognizing strengths in DISC Profiles

Our role at Athlete Assessments is to help people become more self-aware. When you complete your CoachDISC […]

Values vs Behavior: 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

In this week’s 5 minutes with Bo Hanson, Bo discusses Values vs Behavior. So what is the difference between adapting our behaviors and compromising our values? Bo talks about how as a Coach, one of the key roles is to create a culture for your athletes based on your values.

Values vs Behavior
One of […]