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How to Harness Your Athlete’s Natural Strengths

Why it’s important for Coaches to allocate roles that line up with an athlete’s natural strengths and style, and why getting it wrong could cost you
By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments

When you allocate a role within your team you better make sure it’s in line with your players’ natural strengths and style. If […]

Why Bullying Doesn’t Build Mental Toughness

Why bullying doesn’t get long-term results, build mental skills or mental toughness.
By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments

In a revealing interview with Dr. Jen Fraser, for End Bullying & Abuse in Sports Summit, Bo Hanson 3 x Olympic medalist and 4 x Olympian explains why a Coach’s bullying tactics will not create a pathway […]

By |Sport Psychology|

Academic Excellence Transfers into Sporting Arena

Dual role sees Professor of Psychology build success in student-athletes as Head Coach of MCLA Lacrosse team
By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments

Professor Maria Bartini, brings a wealth of insight, resources and invaluable real-life examples to her position as Head Coach of the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts (MCLA) lacrosse team. In addition to […]

Getting Comfortable with The Uncomfortable

Practicing the Skills That Allow Athletes to Perform Under Pressure
By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments

Elite athletes are comfortable in uncomfortable situations, they need to be, in fact, this skill alone can convert all of the work they’ve done leading up to this moment into a victory.

Recall how often Championships are won or lost […]

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Do Millennials Really Lack Mental Toughness?

Creating an environment that enables the development of mental skills; resilience, grit, the ability to perform under pressure and mental toughness
By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments

From little things, big things grow and that’s definitely true of mental toughness.

Mental toughness is like a muscle that needs to be exercised regularly. In this article we’ll […]

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Athlete Assessments Removes Gender Reference From DISC Profiles

By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments

It is over 11 years since Athlete Assessments released the first DISC Profile assessments specifically customized to sport to give Coaches, athletes and sports professionals the tools they need to improve performance. Over the years, we’ve continued to upgrade and make improvements in our services and over the […]

By |DISC Theory and Application|

Why Women Coaches Matter

The importance of the international movement to establish Women Coaches Academies
By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments

The statistics for women in sport are overwhelming. Within the Australian national team, the women’s medal count on an Olympic level eclipses the men. Public support for women’s competition and sporting events is exploding, but the number of […]

By |Coach Development|

Women Coaches Academy Launches Master-Class

Report reveals the efficacy of Women Coaches Academies as it launches Academy 2.0 for returning graduates at the NCAA Women Coaches Academy, November 29- December 2, 2017 in Denver, Colorado.
By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments

The first cohort of ten women Coaches, graduates of the NCAA Women Coaches Academies, are set to submerge themselves in […]

The Ultimate Equalizer in Sport

Is the obsession with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities a misguided focus, even a missed opportunity?
By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments

Visit the Athletic Departments of any of the Power 5 Universities in the US, the European Football Clubs or even some of the most prestigious private high schools in Australia and you could easily […]

By |Sport Psychology|

Cutting Through the Confusion Encompassing Mental Toughness

What do the terms mean and how are they different: grit, resilience, mental toughness, mental skills and mind strength?
By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments

You’re not alone if you’re confused about the various terms used to describe mental toughness, from grit, sport psychology and mental skills to resilience, there are numerous ways to describe […]

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