Are you attending the American Volleyball Coaches Association’s 2015 Annual Convention? If so, make sure you don’t miss Bo Hanson’s presentations, and visit Athlete Assessments in the Marketplace.

The Details:

What: 2015 AVCA Annual Convention

Where: Omaha, Nebraska

When: 16th – 20th, December

Bo Hanson’s Presentations: 

  • The Performance Through People Playbook – The Game Plan for Winning with People
  • When Talent isn’t Enough: Mastering the ‘People Side’ of Sport
  • Building a Positive Team Culture and Effective Leaders: Lessons Learned and What to Avoid.

Bo Hanson on the AVCA Convention

Bo has been presenting at the AVCA Convention for a number of years now, and is excited to be returning for the 2015 Conference in Omaha.

Having presented at the AVCA Conference for the three year now, I am excited about reconnecting with all our coaches who we worked with through the season. In addition, I love the AVCA Conference as it always has the right mix of technical, theoretical and practical presentations and topics. Personally I sit in on as many presentations as possible and enjoy learning from all the expert coaches.

Once again, I hope to help as many of the coaches as possible better understand their players and the challenges modern coaches face coaching today’s generation of athletes. Omaha also marks the first time I have traveled to Nebraska. I am looking forward to the cooler weather and northern hospitality from a city which loves its Volleyball.

– Bo Hanson, Athlete Assessments


‘The Performance Through People Playbook – The Game Plan for Winning with People’

  • Thursday, 17th December
  • 10:30 – 11:30 a.m.
  • CLCC 201 – 202

Take an Olympic final or the final 16 teams heading towards the national championship and you will find their physical and technical preparation is largely comparable. So what sets the ultimate winner apart? Or, even before then, what differentiated these finalists from those they contested to get there? We’re yet to hear anyone attribute success to their equipment or their training program. Most often at the elite level, success is attributed to the ‘intangibles’ including team chemistry, strong leadership, effective communication, high standards of behavior, and a persistent drive towards a common goal that sets the best apart. Focusing on these critical elements is not just for aspiring teams. All successful teams continually search for the most effective ways to address the intangibles. In this workshop Bo will share with you a behind the scenes look at how he works with teams to drive performance. Attendees will discover the most effective strategies to build your team, learn what factors differentiate the best teams compared to their competition, and develop a strategy to audit your program and identify gains to make.

Bo will also be Presenting:

Building a Positive Team Culture and Effective Leaders: Lessons Learned and What to Avoid.

  • Thursday 17th December
  • 11:45 – 12:45 p.m.
  • CLCC 201 – 202
  • Presenters: Erin Glaser, Head Coach, Hamilton College & Bo Hanson, Athlete Assessments

While most coaches feel very confident in developing the technical skills of their team and physical conditioning, often what they find most challenging is how to build their team culture and develop leadership within their student-athletes. This session presents a real-life case study on the ‘how-to’ in developing these areas of your program. It is a practical guide that shares the most critical aspects to get right along with what to avoid. Topics discussed will include creating a positive team culture, developing leaders and how to develop good followers.

When Talent isn’t Enough: Mastering the ‘People Side’ of Sport’

  • Thursday, 17th December
  • 1 – 2 p.m.
  • CLCC 201 – 202

If you are the type of coach who knows there is more to your team’s success than simply having ‘talented’ athletes or a proficient team, then this workshop is for you. Understanding what makes your athletes ‘tick’ and what you need to create the all-important alignment within the team to achieve their full potential. When you attend this workshop, you will leave with a proven framework and key strategies to ensure the factors contributing to team success are ticked off, before ‘issues’ have the chance to undermine your season.

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