Testimonials from Coach Development

We could spend money on flashy advertising, but we know as well as you do that honest feedback directly from clients is the most reliable and credible way to gauge how good a product or service really is. Below is feedback from Coach Development Educators who have used Athlete Assessments’ DISC Profiles, our specialized services, workshops or courses.

“Athlete Assessments went above and beyond our expectations and I have heard nothing but positive feedback from our coaches, staff and student-athletes. I am so happy that many of our coaches took advantage of meeting with Bo one-on-one today and learning about the different ways they can apply these new skills moving forward with their teams. Bo is very engaging and the student-athletes are responding to him very well. I am very pleased with our student-athletes’ attendance! We’ve already heard great feedback today!”

Carleigh Collins
Director of Compliance
University of Louisiana at Lafayette

“Using the CoachDISC provides a systematic approach and direction towards understanding yourself and your personal style in relationships; and understanding and relating to your players. We have a long and solid relationship with Athlete Assessments which delivers an essential service in the development of high performance coaches. This expertise integrates well with other activities and messages we believe are important.” 

Lawrie Woodman
Coaching Development Manager

“Using the CoachDISC really makes the coach find out about themselves and consider the behaviors of others. Manage self and manage others are key components and DISC is fundamental to this. What I most value about working with Athlete Assessments is the strong liaison in developing the program to meet the needs of the candidate in a bespoke manner related to the sport. The attention to detail and support provided to each candidate and the regular feedback is exceptional.”

Rob Sherman
Head of Coach Education

“The use of CoachDISC Profiles helps in understanding how people behave, why they behave in a certain way and simple strategies to deal with a variety of personalities whether they be coaches, players, stakeholders. Athlete Assessments have added value to our program with relevant strategies and solutions in ways which we can improve as coaches and get the best from our players.”

Dylan Hides
Coach Education Coordinator

“The CoachDISC Profiling is a practical way to emphasize to coaches the importance of understanding how people communicate, interact and respond to different approaches; of thinking beyond the technical/tactical; as well as better understanding for coaches of ‘how’ they coach and do what they do. Athlete Assessments adds value to our course through expert delivery of information in an area that complements and integrates with the ARU coaching development approach.”

Matthew Wilkie
Coaching Pathway Services Manager

Using DISC Profiles broadened our awareness of behaviors and communication styles and how it relates to improved performance. We value Athlete Assessments’ depth of experience and knowledge in working with team sports, coach development and their ability to relate to our coaches and players in a practical way.”

Wayne Grant
High Performance Manager

Case Studies of Coach Development Educators

NCAA Women Coaches Academy – The NCAA Women Coaches Academy (WCA) celebrated its 30th program in 2013, and continues to be the most respected and sought after coach development program available to female coaches in the United States.

Lawrie Woodman: AFL Coaching Development Manager – The AFL facilitates a vast array of courses including the High Performance Coaching Course at the elite end of their accreditation program. This article features insights from AFL Coaching Development Manager, Lawrie Woodman.

Rob Sherman: FFA Head of Coach Education – The Pro-Diploma course run by the Football Federation Australia focuses on the Performance Phase building block. This article features insights from FFA Head of Coach Education, Rob Sherman.

Dylan Hides: NRL Coach Education Coordinator – The NRL High Performance Coach (HPC) Course has been tailor-made to ensure that current and prospective elite Coaches meet these challenging expectations. This article features insights from the NRL Coach Education Coordinator Dylan Hides.

Matthew Wilkie: ARU Coaching Pathway Services Manager – The ARU high performance coaching course includes live-in camps, with specific and broad learning modules, and rigorous assessment. This article features insights from ARU Coaching Pathway Services Manager, Matthew Wilkie.

Wayne Grant: TFA High Performance Manager – The Touch Football program is a combination of traditional coach professional development, together with DISC Profiling of the three national elite teams. This article features insights from the TFA High Performance Manager, Wayne Grant.

Mentoring in Referee Development – Many programs, despite the best of intentions, struggle to reap the rewards of mentoring. However, setting itself apart is the mentor-based scholarships offered by the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) to prominent up-and-coming referees and sporting officials.

Five ‘Football’ High Performance Coach Development Programs – The quality of Coaches determines the quality of the game, engagement of players and ultimately success. These five Football Codes take Coach development seriously and invest in Coach accreditation and continued professional development.

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