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Are you unsatisfied with where you are at with your sport? Not sure what will get you to the next level? The key to realizing your potential as an exceptional athlete is all about developing self-awareness, understanding your personal preferences, unique motivators and having the support to take you to the next level.

Self-awareness is the cornerstone of success and becoming self-aware is the surest way for athletes to make a step change in their results.

That’s why we are providing this Get Ahead Athlete Special Offer. 

With this valuable information and guidance you can consciously apply your personal strengths and identify specific issues to focus on, so you can realize your full potential as an athlete. We are committed to supporting sportspeople and helping those who truly care about how they train and compete.

Some athletes are extremely motivated to take the initiative themselves to improve their performance, others need support outside of their current circle and sometimes Coaches need help in better understanding their athletes. We provide this special offer to athletes because we believe so strongly in the power of self awareness, improving the Coaches understanding of their athletes and how this can help you be your very best.

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Included in the Get Ahead Athlete Special Offer:

  • Your own AthleteDISC Profile Report (you take a 12 minute online survey and we compile a 44-page personalized report giving insight into your strengths, limitations, preferred communication style, unique motivators, best training environments and much more, as well as strategies to maximize coaching performance. You can even invite others to provide you feedback on your coaching using our automated service. (Value = $89.95)
  • A 60-minute personal debrief consultation with Bo Hanson (4x Olympian & Coaching Consultant) via telephone or video conference. (Value = $350.00)
  • A follow up consultation with Bo Hanson to ensure you are putting into practice your new coaching strategies and getting great results. (Value = $300.00)
  • Coach Resource Pack including the Coaching Philosophy Workbook, The Ultimate Coach Handbook, and DISC Coaching Card. Postage & handling included. (Value = $60.00)
  • Additional access to videos, articles and lots of online resources to ensure the most valuable experience to get results.

How You Will Benefit

With your own AthleteDISC Profile Report:

  1. Discover your limiting and strengthening behaviors and the characteristics of the type of environment you perform best in.
  2. Identify the behaviors producing your best (and not-so-good) performances. This enables you to achieve greater consistency in performances.
  3. Excellent tool for building self-awareness. Enables you to take a greater responsibility for your behavior.
  4. Understand the impact you have within the team environment. Become better equipped to manage and improve relationships.
  5. Your Coach can refer to your profile to learn how to tailor their coaching to suit you as an individual.
  6. Benefit from having a tangible methodology to develop and improve your communication with others.
  7. Use the optional ‘360 degree’ function to get feedback from others about how they perceive your behavior – including important information about what you do well and areas they believe you would benefit from improving. You can use this to better manage conflicts and improve relationships.
  8. Help your Coach to understand you as an individual and coach you according to your specific personality and needs.

From your personal consultations with Bo Hanson:

  • Have a dedicated coaching consultant on your side with exceptional experience, skills and strategies to share.
  • Focus on the areas you want to focus on and tailor your time for the best results.
  • Enjoy confidential and private discussions about your sporting performance.
  • Invite your coach to be a part of this to help them help you further.

The Coach’s Resources Pack (including the Coaching Philosophy Workbook, Performance Through People Playbook, and DISC Coaching Card provide you with hours of extra resources to review and refer to at any time you need, now or in the future. Share these with your Coaches, managers, family and friends. Plus you get the additional access to videos, articles and lots of online resources to ensure the most valuable experience to get results.

Client Testimonials

“Terrific! Fantastic! Never experienced before… to learn more about me as an athlete, and how to train more affective.”
Dean Mercer, Iron Man Champion (and Surf Sports Legend), Mooloolaba Surf Club

“The AthleteDISC Assessment is exactly the tool that any serious competitor should utilize. In particular, the 360 provides the sort of non-biased feedback that can be incorporated into your workouts from day one, which means immediate results.”
Chip McKibben, USA Olympian and World Champion

“Thank you so much for the AthleteDISC. The results were concise and helpful, especially the constructive suggestions on utilizing strengths and strengthening shortcomings. I will be bringing it to my Coach to discuss the results!” needs at the right time.”
Pat Sullivan, Athlete, Northeastern University (USA)

“Comprehensive, no nonsense, and useful information.”
Norbert Gaulton, River Dragons Club

“My AthleteDISC Profile gave me an amazing insight into how I see myself and how others perceive me. I intend to really break down the points made in the assessment to improve my training, preparation and performance.”
Sarah Brown, Athlete

“Great, learned lots and made me realize that it is important to match the coaching to the athletes’ needs at the right time.”
Nicola Moult, Professional Golf Coach

How it Works

Step 1: When you commit to this opportunity purchase the package and we will personally ensure you get exceptional value from the experience of working with us (we guarantee it).Athlete Special Offer

Step 2: We send you an introductory email with a special link to complete the 12 minute survey for your own AthleteDISC Profile. You complete the survey and then have access to your 44-page report along with extensive of resources through your own private web log in.

Step 3: In the meantime, we also mail you your copy of the Coach Resource Pack including the Coaching Philosophy Workbook, The Ultimate Coach Handbook and the DISC Coaching Card.

Step 4: We call you to ensure you understand everything and provide time to answer any questions you may have. We also schedule the time of your personal debrief consultation with Bo Hanson.

Step 5: Before your consultation we send you some easy preparation via email to ensure that you get the most value from your time. This includes watching a few short videos, reviewing your own AthleteDISC Report and spending a short time considering how you’d like to focus your time for the best results.  

It is completely up to you – the more you put in, the more you get out! The more time you spend in preparation the deeper with advanced strategies you can go with your consultation time.

Step 6: You have your 45 minute personal consultation with Bo Hanson via phone or video conference. This time is spent debriefing your report, identifying the key strategies that will be of most value to you and Bo answering any specific questions you may have.

Step 7: You also have a second follow up consultation with Bo Hanson a few weeks later. This is to ensure you have time to review how you’ve been able to implement the new strategies and that you are getting the results you want.

Step 8: You have the Coaching Resource Pack available for your future reference.

Step 9: Enjoy the benefits this all has to your sporting results!

30-Day, Unconditional, 100% Satisfaction or Get Your Money Back GUARANTEE!

Whether you are just starting out in your sport or you are already at an elite level, this Get Ahead Athlete Special Offer will help you. And if it doesn’t… We’ll give you your money back! If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, return it within 30 days and we’ll refund your money, no questions asked.

In fact, if any of our products fail to live up to the standard you expect; or you don’t achieve the results you were hoping for; or you are dissatisfied with our services; or you feel we have let you down in any way… not only will we refund the cost of your purchase, but we will personally make it our mission to help you achieve exactly what you were hoping to achieve with the purchase in the first place.

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No more sitting around wondering, questioning your coach or searching the internet to find out what are the most critical aspects to help you improve your sporting results. This is personalized to you, focused on how you perform and a complete package. Despite being valued at over US$795, with this special offer, you only pay US$397.00! We know this is ridiculously low pricing and that’s why there are only 4 available each month.

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