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AthleteAssessScoreboard_blueRecently we started counting how many sports we have been involved in and were surprised to get to 41. In sport everyone keeps score, so here’s our scoreboard so far. We are proud of our contribution to sport and are constantly inspired by what our clients achieve. In elite sport, every team has quality equipment, strong conditioning programs and competitive strategies. The only true advantage is gained by investing in your people. Equipment doesn’t win championships. People do.



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For a long time we thought the number of sports we had worked with was in the high 20’s. Recently we counted them all and was surprised to get to 41. While we do a lot of work in the most prominent and obvious sports, we also work with some lesser known sports that take their performance extremely serious and want to be at the top of their game. Here’s a full list of the sports we work in:

AFL – Golf – Bowls – Tennis – Diving – Soccer – Rowing – Cycling – Netball – Sailing – Curling – Cricket – Fencing – Crossfit Gridiron – Lacrosse – Baseball – Football – Kayaking – Softball – Shooting – Swimming – Triathlon – Ice Hockey – Fly Fishing   Waterpolo – Volleyball – Basketball – Gymnastics – Equestrian – Surf Sports – Rugby Union – Field Hockey – Track & Field   Rugby League – Cross Country – Motorcycling – Touch Football – Ultimate Frisby – Paralympic Skiing – Professional Sky Diving – Wheelchair Basketball – Professional Bass Fishing

100Div1A large proportion of our work is within US College programs, mostly in Division I sports. But we also do a considerable amount of work with a number of Division II and Division III programs too. While we don’t have permission from all of our clients to name them on our website, you can get a good insight into case studies of some of the programs we work from our magazines and testimonials.


After a year of developing the AthleteDISC Profile, we at Athlete Assessments officially opened our doors for business in March 2007.  This was the same year that Apple released their first iPhone. We obviously haven’t sold as many DISC Profiles as Apple have sold iPhones, but it’s an easy reference to the time. Sometimes we look back at that time as quite a curious time to launch a new business as it was also the same year the Global Financial Crisis hit. Having said that, we’ve had a very strong growth since then, are proud of where we are, and excited by the future ahead. You can read more about our history here.

1,650ClientsWe counted the number of clients in our database and it totaled 1,650 in August 2015. This includes clients we work with directly and not internet sales nor clients of the consultants who use our DISC Profiles. These clients use a variety of our services.

95ClientRetentionWe pride ourselves on very, very rarely losing a client and in fact have a full 100% guarantee that if you don’t find our service exceptional, then you don’t have to pay. We are confident in making that commitment as we’ve never had a client who hasn’t found exceptional value in working with us, nor seen significant improvements in their program and results. Since 2007, we’ve not once had a client call on this guarantee.

However, sport is sport, and there are a few clients who have not been able to continue to work with us year on year, or have chosen a different focus area the next year. We respect that. The 95% Client Retention rate was calculated by how many clients we are currently working with, divided by how many we have had in total. If we excluded specific client work that was one-off (such as presenting a specific training program) then our % increases. Our aim is still to never lose a client and we work hard to ensure we don’t.

9OlympicWhen we count how many Olympic Campaigns we have been involved with, it is actually more than 9, but this is the number we feel comfortable publishing. To start with, Bo Hansocompeted in four Olympics as an athlete in the Australian team in 1992, 1996, 2000 and 2004. In 2008 and 2012, he also coached and assisted the US Olympic Rowing team in their preparation for Beijing and London.

From a client perspective, we have a long working relationship with Triathlon Coach Darren Smith, who for example had six athletes competing in the 2012 London Olympics for six different countries. We are currently working with two of the Australian teams in preparation for Rio in 2016, and one of the US Winter teams in their preparation for 2018. We have also worked with Paralympic teams for Sochi and currently in preparation for Pyeongchang in 2018. There have also been a number of Olympic Coaches who we have worked within coach development programs, but we didn’t include them in this figure.

500+ResourcesYou are here on our website and there are a lot more than 500 pages to explore. We used 500 as it is a nice round number. But if you really want, you can start counting!

5FootballCodesWe thought that this statistic was a great example to include about our work in coach development. Australia has a long and successful history of being a formidable sporting nation across a vast array of sports. In ‘football’ alone there are five major codes including: Australian Football League (AFL), Rugby League, Rugby Union, Football (soccer) and Touch Football. Each has a strong belief that the quality of their coaches determines the quality of their game. They all take coach development in their sport seriously and invest significantly in coach accreditation and continued professional development. All five football code national bodies engage Athlete Assessments to contribute to their high performance coach programs, the top tiers of their accreditation. Each course uses the CoachDISC Profile as part of their program, for which Bo Hanson also personally facilitates a core component. Read more about each of these five coach development programs in this feature article.


This was another easy statistic to find out as we literally looked at our client database and the countries where they were from. The list includes:

Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Japan, New Zealand, Poland, Singapore, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States of America and Venezuela.

22,000ProfiledAs at August 2015, we have had a total of 22,000 athletes, coaches and sports professionals use our DISC Profiles. This again only includes our direct clients and doesn’t include those who have purchased their DISC Profiles through one of our trained consultants. It also doesn’t include sales of our DISC Profiles directly from our website (we have to keep some corporate secrets to ourselves!). This number is the number of people in sport that we have directly worked and interacted with through consulting, team and one-on-one packages or development programs.


A growing arm of our business is the work we do on the Academic side with University programs in Sport Management, Coaching and Sport & Health Sciences. As of August 2015, we are working with over 25 Academic Programs. Again you can read about client case studies in our magazines and read testimonials. You can also find out more about our Academic Programs.


Last year, we celebrated two of our clients winning their first Division I National Championship title after years of getting very close. This year, they both did it again. Read about University of Florida Softball and St Mary’s Men’s Rugby Union in our client case studies. In previous years, our clients University of California San Diego Softball won their first Division II National Championship in their first year of working with us, and their Women’s Basketball made it to the National Championship game too. We also have worked with the Quinnipiac Women’s Rugby Team for the last three years and every year they have made it to the National Championship Finals.

QLDfirebirdsWe should start by saying, not only is our company Australian, we are also all Queenslanders (or have adopted Queensland as our home state). Working with the Queensland Mission Firebirds since 2008 has been extremely rewarding to see them achieve consistent success. In four of the last five years they have made it to the Grand Final, winning the ANZ Championship in 2011 (undefeated) and 2015. Read their case study here.

At Athlete Assessments, we’re here to provide you with excellence in service and to help you be your best. If there is anything we can assist you with, please Contact Us.