As any master coach will tell you, successful sports coaching is never “arrived at”, and requires constant coaching development. Here you’ll find articles and case studies dedicated to best practice sport coach development.

Ali Carey-Oliver: How to take over a Program and Win! The Game Plan for Coaching Success

Head Coach Ali Carey-Oliver achieved unprecedented success at Mt. San Antonio College after her women’s Volleyball program won their first ever Conference Championship with a perfect 8-0 conference record and an outstanding 20-4 season overall. What made this result even more exceptional is how she achieved it in her first year as Coach at Mt. [...]

Fast Track Your Team Rebuild

  By Bo Hanson, Director – Athlete Assessments You have just been recruited as the new Head Coach, and unless your predecessor was successful and has moved up or decided to retire, then the program you’ve taken on has not been performing and it’s your job to turn that around – fast. Any Coach will [...]

Coach Roland Thornqvist: Winning Coaches Never Stop Learning

Since publishing this article in early May 2017, Coach Roland Thornqvist has won another National Championship in late May 2017. Have you ever wondered what successful Coaches do differently? How they manage to amass title after title and build a team culture athletes want to be part of? The first thing we noticed with winning [...]

5 Minutes with Bo Hanson: The Three C’s of Communication with Millennial Athletes

Constant, Clear and Compelling By Bo Hanson You can think of this ‘audience’, the millennial generation of athletes, as the most distracted generation in history because we’re dealing with smart phones, video games and high-speed technology. The reality is, that their concentration or focus is switching all the time. For our communication to be effective, [...]

Japanese Women Coaches Academy 2016

From September 6th to 8th 2016, Athlete Assessments’ Liz Hanson and Director of Strategic Relationships at the Alliance of Women Coaches Marlene Bjornsrud will once again be in Japan to attend the Japanese Women Coaches Academy. The idea for hosting a Japanese Women Coaches Academy came from Dr. Etsuko Ogasawara, Executive Director of the Japanese Center for Research on Women [...]

Bo Hanson in the NISCA Journal

Bo Hanson was recently asked to contribute an article on Building Resiliency in Swimmers to the January/February edition of the NISCA Journal. The NISCA Journal is the official publication of the National Interscholastic Swim Coaches Association of America Inc., and serves more than 265,000 athletes in over 12,600 programs. You can view a PDF version [...]

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Bo Hanson’s Play Like a Champion Coach Note

In June 2015, Bo and Liz Hanson presented as keynote speakers at the ‘Play Like A Champion Today National Sports Leadership Conference’ at the University of Notre Dame. Play Like a Champion provide weekly Champion Notes for coaches, student-athletes and parents. "The notes are typically written by Play Like a Champion experts, but also highlight the insights and [...]

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Maximizing the Contribution of Specialist Coaching Staff

By Bo Hanson, 4x Olympian and International Coaching Consultant 20 years ago elite sports teams were lucky to have a strength and conditioning coach. Today, professional teams have an essential coaching staff that can include up to 50 people. However, to maximize the contribution of specialist coaching staff and ensure they aligned with the team’s [...]

Finally, Professional Development for Assistant Coaches

By Robert Dobson - Athlete Assessments Ask the most successful head coaches what they really value in their programs; they will almost unanimously identify the strength and dependability of their assistant coaches as fundamental to what they can achieve. While assistants have the ‘privilege’ of avoiding the ultimate responsibility i.e. the see-saw between glory when [...]

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Building Rapport for Sports Coaches and its Benefits

Video Presentation on Building Rapport for Sports Coaches by Bo Hanson, 4x Olympian and Coaching Consultant Rapport is something people know is important, yet it can often be an overlooked topic.  In this video, Bo Hanson explains the meaning and importance of rapport.  Find out why building rapport for sports coaches is such a good [...]

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