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Sandra Chu – High-Performance Consultant

Our Extended Interview By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments When we interviewed Sandra Chu for our recent article “Game Changing” there were just too many valuable insights for only one article. To overcome this, we’re sharing the extended Q&A here. The title of your consulting group is Two Tigers Consulting. Where did the [...]

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Olympic Mental Challenges – Insights from Dr Nicole Detling

A guiding philosophy to face adversity, Olympic challenges and the exhilaration of achieving goals By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments Mental Performance Coach, Dr Nicole Detling, is distinguished by her ability to cultivate exceptional progress in her athletes. Professionally, she was a fundamental part of Team USA’s incredibly successful campaigns at the 2010 [...]

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Extended Q&A with Nicole Detling

Mental Performance Coach, Headstrong Consulting By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments In writing the recent article ‘Olympic Mental Challenges’, we had the opportunity to interview Dr Nicole Detling. She had so many valuable insights that we were challenged in what to include in the article. To ensure you didn’t miss out, we are [...]

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Coaches, Don’t Let Your Athletes Miss This In Their Training Journals

How a training journal is a valuable contributor to performance when used well By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments We’ve all heard about the importance of athletes keeping training journals to improve performance, and like all valuable performance strategies it isn’t whether or not our athletes know about it, but whether they do [...]

Largest Annual Sport Psychology Conference Worldwide

Athlete Assessments Exhibit at 2018 AASP Conference, October 3 – 6, 2018, Toronto, Canada By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments Exceptional outcomes are possible when people work together, and the Annual Conference of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) showcases the leading strategies that support sports industry professionals in their quest to [...]

Answer to THE Coaching Question

Plain speak analysis of a report detailing the differences between the small percentage of super athletes and their competitors By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments What’s the difference between super champions, champions and athletes who don’t quite make it? It’s the quintessential coaching question and in this article we’ll recap the research findings [...]

Results | Evidence | Impact – Mental Performance Consultant in Action

Outstanding Mental Performance Consultant Dr Tiff Jones hosts a session at the Jr. NBA 2018 Youth Basketball Conference By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments The dynamic and innovative Mental Performance Consultant, Dr Tiffany Jones gets results. Her portfolio of winning clients evidences her impact. The mental skills dynamo teaches strategies which immediately influence [...]

Domino Effect in Sport

Why it’s more helpful to believe that moments are unconnected. By Bo Hanson, Director and Lead Consultant – Athlete Assessments Many believe in the ‘domino effect’ as a natural force in life and subsequently, sport. It’s often referred to as the concept of ‘momentum’. The domino effect is best explained as looking at life, or [...]

The Pressure of Perfectionism

How the pressure of perfectionism can be alleviated by coaching strategies that focus on effort not execution, beliefs and behavior By Bo Hanson, Director and Lead Consultant – Athlete Assessments ‘The Rise of Perfectionism’ among college students is a significant trend according to an article by the Harvard Business Review. In summary, the article was [...]

Why Bullying Doesn’t Build Mental Toughness

Why bullying doesn’t get long-term results, build mental skills or mental toughness By Mim Haigh, Sports Writer – Athlete Assessments In a revealing interview with Dr. Jen Fraser, for End Bullying & Abuse in Sports Summit, Bo Hanson 3 x Olympic medalist and 4 x Olympian explains why a Coach’s bullying tactics will not create [...]

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