Your Coaching Philosophy Workbook

The Complete Development Guide

Coaches are constantly told that having a well-defined Coaching Philosophy is a critical component of a successful career. BUT, it can be a challenge to develop on your own and it takes time to evolve.

We’ve taken years of experience, interviews with leading Coaches, research and testing to formulate this workbook for your benefit. Be guided step-by-step through this important process.


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The Coaching Philosophy Workbook will give you a head-start or boost in the right direction.

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Having a Coaching Philosophy is vital to any Coach as it directly impacts upon their coaching practice. Having a set of guiding values, principles and beliefs ensures consistency in your approach to sport enabling you to prioritize those areas that create your desired results. A defined Coaching Philosophy enables you to make well-judged decisions and actions. It is your consistency in behavior which creates respect and trust in your athletes, leading to a quality relationship.

“When you have clarity about who you are and what you want, decisions and what actions to take become clear and are consistent.”

Understanding and developing your Coaching Philosophy is the foundation for why and how you coach. If you haven’t already, take time today to focus on this important exercise and see how your athletes and others benefit.

The Athlete Assessments’ Coaching Philosophy Workbook is your ‘how-to’ guide to developing your coaching philosophy.

Keep this workbook as a living document, reviewing, up-dating and continuing to make your personal distinctions about what is important to you and how you conduct yourself as a sports coach.

  • The Coaching Philosophy Workbook contains over 70 color pages

  • Takes you through the well-proven and easy to follow steps

  • Contains detailed examples of other Coaches’ workings and final coaching philosophies

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Get Your Coaching Philosophy Workbook Today!


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