Darren Smith’s constant pursuit for excellence in his coaching has made him the world’s most successful short course triathlon coach.

Darren SmithIn 2012 Darren Smith made history when six of the triathletes in his squad were selected to compete for six different countries at the London Olympics. This unprecedented accomplishment is the result of his constant pursuit of excellence in his coaching. Coach “Daz”, as he is known to his athletes, is a master of technique. He emphasizes the process, not the outcome, and the minute improvements in his athletes’ skills make all the difference to their overall performance.

Darren’s Advice:

“Getting the best out of people is a bit of push and pull momentum. The push is when I group talented people and expose them to excellence…they take care of the rest. The pull is from my own drive to improve, search for knowledge and ascendancy to world best…the athletes see me strive and they don’t want to get left behind.” – Darren Smith

Darren SmithWhile a brilliant technician, Darren is also an expert on how to get the most from his athletes. Since 2008 Darren has used Athlete Assessments AthleteDISC Profile to tailor his coaching style to meet the specific needs of the athletes in his squad. The insight Darren gains from profiling allows him to better understand his athletes, ensuring he’s a hands-on, attentive, and effective coach. This is what makes him the best in the world.

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