The AthleteDISC Behavioral Profile

Know with confidence how to consistently perform at your best. Through building self-awareness you can take your performance from ‘good’ to ‘great’ every time.  But it is not just about physical training and conditioning.

Understanding how and why you perform as you do is the key to becoming ‘self-aware’. Once you, as an athlete, become self-aware, you can start to recognize the finer details relating to personality, behavior and motivation that consistently draw out your best training and best performances. This is what Athlete Assessments’ behavioral profiling is all about. No matter what level athlete you are, the importance of profiling in sport cannot be overstated.

What is the AthleteDISC Profile?

Athlete Assessments’ AthleteDISC Profile is a unique personality and behavioral profiling system designed specifically for athletes.  AthleteDISC gives you detailed, personalized insight and analysis that enables you to truly understand how and why you behave as you do in training and in competition, and why you get the results you do.  With this valuable information and guidance you can consciously apply your personal strengths, and identify specific issues to focus on, to realize your full potential as an athlete.

Athlete Assessments’ AthleteDISC profiling will:AthleteDISC Profile

  • Take the guesswork out of your performance and the behaviors that get your best results.
  • Show you how to build on your strengths.
  • Identify and address your limiting behaviors.
  • Improve your communication with your Coach and teammates.
  • Provide you the opportunity to get honest feedback from your Coach, teammates and others.
  • Help you reach your full potential!

What’s Included?

AthleteDISC ProfileAthlete Assessments’ AthleteDISC Profile is all about understanding the drivers of athletes.  The AthleteDISC Profile uses proven profiling techniques and is based on decades of behavioral research and many years of top level sporting experience.

After completing your AthleteDISC online assessment, which takes just 10-12 minutes, you receive an in depth 44-page personalized profile report.  Your report is a comprehensive analysis of your personality and behavior as an athlete.  It contains all the information you need to become self-aware in your training and competition.  This insight is more than you or anyone around you could glean in a year of training.  It accurately and concisely highlights your strengths, preferences, motivators, personal style and opportunities for improvement that you can use to become a more successful athlete.

Your report gives you all the insight you need to become a self-aware athlete, and the tools to reach your full potential.  It only costs about as much as a pair of sports shoes, and carries a money-back guarantee.

AthleteDISC Report Features:

  • Your own private home page to access your report.
  • Sports specific, written in a language that athletes understand.
  • Accurate results, using a proven methodology.
  • A one-page ‘Quick Step’ guide to show you how to get the most out of your report.
  • A detailed ‘Tour Guide’ to show you all you can do with your home page and the information within it.
  • The opportunity for you to invite others (Coaches, teammates, family etc.) to contribute their observations of you, and build a ‘360 degree’ perspective of you as an athlete.
  • Color-coded graphs to clearly display results and concepts.  These are updated as others add their observations of you.
  • Additional reference materials to assist you to get the most from your AthleteDISC profile.
  • Satisfaction guaranteed! 100% money back guarantee.
  • You can begin using the information from your report immediately in ways that can have astounding results.  This invaluable report is like the ‘missing piece in the puzzle’, and put you on a direct path to consistently better performance.

Get a Head Start in Just 5 Steps:

  1. Click the button below for your AthleteDISC Profile.
  2. You’ll be asked to complete your personal details and credit card information. You can rest assured, our site and payment system is as secure as always.
  3. You’ll then be taken to the online survey which takes approximately 10-12 minutes to complete. You can complete the survey now or do it later, it is up to you!
  4. When you complete the survey you will gain access to your own online personal user account where you can access your personalized AthleteDISC Report, and even ask others to provide you with feedback on how they see you (a completely optional extra which is included).
  5. Once you’ve completed the online survey, we will email you your AthleteDISC Profile Report. Your Report is also always available to you through your online account.

Sample AthleteDISC Profile

AthleteDISC Profile

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