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Where so many other factors in sport, across sports programs and organizations, are very similar, it is how well the ‘people side’ is managed that differentiates the mediocre and truly great. DISC Profiling will take your teams’ performance to the next level, allowing you to get ahead and stay ahead.

With our services we do not provide the DISC Profiles and leave you to struggle with the application. Our team packages include DISC Assessments plus importantly, a series of consultations via video conference.  Our goal is to use the information of the DISC profiles to the benefit of your program and coaching and make it is useful and practical as possible. For coaches, we use the consultations to distill the information from the Profile reports into coaching strategies that are most effective for the individual athletes and the team overall. Below are our Special Team Packages, if you have any inquiries do not hesitate to Contact Us.

When we begin working with a team, we start with the coaches and staff completing their Profiles first (CoachDISC or Sports ManagerDISC), then a consultation to debrief these results, focusing on you as a coaching staff, and importantly how you combine and complement each other.  This also provides a foundation to DISC for your staff and preparation for when the team take their profiles too.  Then the athletes complete their AthleteDISC Profiles followed by another two coaches consultations to start to review the AthleteDISC results and team dynamics.  Next, the team (and coaches) will have a session, which is all about making the information practical for the players – building self-awareness, understanding and appreciating the differences and similarities within the team and how to best work together – this is a great session and very interactive.  Then you have two remaining consultations for any specific issues or topics you wish to focus on.

At Athlete Assessments we have worked with more than 30,000 coaches, athletes and teams.  This work has spanned over 40 different sports and several countries. We are the experts on the people side of sport. Contact Us today to find out how we can help take your Program to the next level with our range of DISC for Sports Teams.

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