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If you want to improve your performance you need to invest in yourself. Whether you are an athlete, coach, or sports professional, Athlete Assessments’ behavioral profiles will give you the edge you are looking for. You can easily order DISC Profiles for Sport online here.

Here you can purchase individual CoachDISC, AthleteDISC or Sports ManagerDISC Profile assessments and related offers. If instead you are looking to purchase multiple assessments to use with your team or organization, or as a consultant, please contact us for personalized service.


Purchase a Single AthleteDISC Profile

Order DISC Profiles for Sport Online

Single AthleteDISC Assessment: $89.95

Click here to view a sample AthleteDISC Profile Report 


Purchase a Single CoachDISC Profile

Order DISC Profiles for Sport Online

Single CoachDISC Assessment: $89.95

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Purchase a Single Sport ManagerDISC Profile

Order DISC Profiles for Sport Online

Single Sport ManagerDISC Assessment: $89.95

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Are you looking to purchase multiple DISC Profiles to use with your team or organization, or as a consultant? At Athlete Assessments, we want to provide you with exceptional service.

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