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Captains and athlete leaders have the unique opportunity to define the success of a team. A 2008 study found that 98% of all coaches agreed that the effectiveness of their team captain directly impacted the team’s win-loss record. No surprise there. But what might surprise you is that 73% of coaches did not provide their captains with any leadership development. This makes no sense, to suggest that leadership is critical to success yet provide no opportunity in this area to improve.

At Athlete Assessments’ we’ve taken action and now provide the leading Performance Review Service, especially for Captains and Athlete Leaders.

What is the Athlete Leader 360?

Jones_Mary_Athlete_Leader_360The Athlete Leader 360 is a no nonsense, comprehensive and useful end of season, or end of year, performance review specifically for team captains and the athlete leadership group members. These reviews are vital for you to be confident in how their performance is measured and that a proven methodology is used. Provide your captains and leaders with a valuable Performance Review experience, with the Athlete Leader 360.

Developing your captains and those in the athlete leadership group is fundamental to your success as a team.  But how do you begin? The foundation of all leadership development is increasing self-awareness, identifying their strengths, their areas for development and setting a plan forward. Get a solid and consistent method to gauge the development needs of these critical people in your team with the Athlete Leader 360 Performance Review.

The Athlete Leader 360 Performance Review is built around the Eight Athlete Leadership Skills of:

  • Knowledge of Self
  • Interpersonal Relationships
  • Communication Skills
  • Guardian of Team Culture
  • Knowledge of Sport
  • Leadership Skills
  • Mentoring and Supporting Skills
  • Decision Making

This specialist Performance Review Service combines the necessary professional support with the ease and efficiency of an excellent online assessment program. Transform your Captain Performance Review process into the most valuable experience for all involved:

  • Rely on a solid and proven methodology
  • Easily incorporate feedback from all involved
  • Identify any blind spots or perception gaps
  • Enjoy a consistent, smooth approach, year in year out

Be strategic and take the stress out of managing the ‘people’ side of sport.  Rely on the extensive experience of our team.  We know sport and live high performance every day.

How the Athlete Leader 360 Works

The Athlete Leader 360 Performance Review is available at different levels of service, from self-service to full consultation. Here are the key steps involved.

  1. The process starts with the captain (or athlete leader) taking a 64 question survey and answering five written questions, all online.
  2. Next, they considers the best people to invite to contribute to this review. These contributors, known as “Observers” will provide their feedback on the captain’s performance for the season.
  3. We then provide the captain with an email to forward to the chosen Observers which explains their involvement and contains a link to the survey the Observer can complete online. The survey they complete is very similar to the one the captain completed, except the Observers answer it about how they see the captain’s performance.
  4. Once all the surveys are complete (we provide all administrative support), the Athlete Leader 360 Report is provided to the individual.
  5. We then organize for a consultant to debrief the results with them.

From there, we have various levels of additional support and on-going development as required.

Service Levels Available

Supporting your captains and athlete leaders in their own professional development is one of the most important elements of your program to get right. Whether you won the championship or were at the bottom of the ladder, don’t rush over or miss this opportunity. Know with confidence how your captain’s performed for the season with a thorough, consistent and easy to implement approach.

We offer a range of levels of services with the Athlete Leader 360 Performance Review. At the basic level the service includes what is described above. Other levels of offers include also completing an AthleteDISC Profile, follow up consultations, facilitated meetings for the coach and their management and on-going professional development. We can share the range of options available on request. Also, ask about our ‘New Client special offer’ when you contact us.

Request a Sample Report

We welcome you to contact us for a sample report. We are already providing this service to existing clients and we can share more information about the different levels of services available, on request.
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AthleteDISC and the Athlete Leader 360 Review

Captain Performance Review

Many of our Athlete Leadership 360 clients have previously or simultaneously completed their AthleteDISC Profile and you may be wondering how these relate to each other.

Fundamentally, they are both useful tools for further developing self-awareness and supporting the athlete’s professional and personal development. Both start by the athlete completing a survey as how they see themselves in their sporting role and both have the ability to include others – we call them ‘observers’.

The Athlete Leadership 360 focuses on eight leadership skills and does encourage those working with and around the athlete to be actively involved by providing feedback about their leadership role. The AthleteDISC Profile is a behavioral assessment, which identifies the athlete’s preferred sporting behaviors, their personal preferences and style. Using the information within the AthleteDISC Profile report, you can be more effective with your communication, build stronger relationships with coaching staff, fellow-athletes, management and others, and have a deeper understanding of your motivation, strengths and areas for development. With the AthleteDISC, ‘observers’ are an optional inclusion whereas with the Athlete Leadership 360 they are a critical part of the process.

At Athlete Assessments, we’re here to provide you with excellence in service and here to help you be your best.  If there is anything we can assist you with, please Contact Us.