Keynote Presentation: The Generation Myth

How to get the Best from the Current Generation of Athletes 

Tennis playerIs Generation Y a myth? Does this generation really exist or are we simply talking about ‘young people’?

In this workshop we present both sides of this debate and most importantly look at how to create a program which meets a younger person’s expectations and needs.

The fact is, young people today have grown up in a different time. As behavioral theories suggest, it is our environment which shapes our behavior. We explore the environmental impact on today’s athletes and how this has impacted their thinking and expectations. We then link this to how we can create a program which best suits their needs and also addresses deficiencies in their skill set that is a result of today’s environment.

After this workshop, you will look at your program in a new light with concrete strategies to improve the culture and engagement of the athletes you coach.

The key learning objectives for session participants are:

  • Understand the concept of Generational Theory and how this applies to our athletes of today.
    • Reconnect with the behaviors of ‘young people’.
      • Identify ways the environment has influenced the behaviors of this generation of athletes.
        • Apply strategies to appeal to the different needs of this generation to help them achieve better results.

        Your presenter, Bo Hanson, has been working within sport and the business sector for over 15 years, delivering leadership, management and coach development. In addition to his own athletic career, comprising of four Olympics and including three Olympic medals, he has worked for many years with coaches and athletes from over 40 different sports and various countries, to improve coaching strategies and performance.

        Where to from here?

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