Video Presentation by Bo Hanson, 4x Olympian and Coaching Consultant

At Athlete Assessments we are often asked ‘what is the difference between personality and behavior in sport?’  Watch Bo Hanson answer this critical question and find out how personality and behavior can be used to improve your performance.

Top 7 Differences between Personality and Behavior in Sport

  • Personality plays a major role in how someone behaves. However, personality is more about ‘who you are’ while behavior is about ‘what you do, how you act’.
  • Importantly, we can change how we behave but we can’t change our personality.  Behavior is flexible, personality is not.
  • It is easier to coach based on behavior.  We never ask an athlete to change their personality, but coaches constantly ask athletes to adjust their technique or what they do.
  • Behavior has context.  We may behave a certain way when competing verse how we are relaxing with friends (e.g. It may not be in someone’s personality to be a loud communicator, but you can coach someone to behave this way when on the field.  Afterwards they can ‘switch it off’.)
  • Personality tests claim that certain personality types are stronger in sport and in leadership roles.  Behavioral models say there is no best profile. (We have profiled some of the world’s best and we see no pattern for who is more or less successful.)
  • When developing leadership skills, you can ‘coach’ someone to have greater flexibility in their behavior.  You can teach leadership through building self-awareness and expanding the person’s choices of behavior for what is best for the people they lead or situation they face.
  • With behavioral models, such as DISC, you can delve deeply into the theory and application, yet at its core is a simple four quadrant model. This is critical in sport, for coaches and athletes to quickly understand, remember and use.  (Personality tests, such as MBTI, are psychometric assessments, are more complex and require extensive training to administer, yet don’t have higher validity or reliability than DISC.)

The Athlete Assessments’ DISC Behavioral Profiles are specifically tailored to sport, with customized Profiles for coaches, athletes and sports managers.”

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