In this 5 Minute with Bo Hanson, Bo talks about recognizing strengths in DISC Profiles. Coaches can often see their athletes’ limitations, but can overlook their strengths when it comes to behaviors.

Recognizing strengths in DISC Profiles

Our role at Athlete Assessments is to help people become more self-aware. When you complete your CoachDISC or AthleteDISC Profile, you are essentially given the tools you need to become truly aware of the behaviors that help you and those that can be limitations.

Bo references a recent case where he was working with a young athlete who had just completed her AthleteDISC Profile. During their consultation, Bo discovered that all of the behaviors she had previously seen as being a limitation in her sport, were in fact behaviors that could be her greatest strengths.

This athlete was high in her level of S and C. Previous Coaches suggested this meant she lacked the necessary aggression, competitiveness and will to win needed to be successful. But, her strengths were her ability to persevere, to be a selfless team member and to follow structure and game plans well. These were all qualities that could actually create great results and assist this athlete in becoming very successful.

As a Coach, when you work with an athlete it is easy to see their limitations, but the more you focus on them, the more negative the athlete will feel about themselves. Everyone has limitations and some Coaches focus on pointing out what they are in the hope that they will miraculously improve. However most research suggests that we are far more effective when we focus on our strengths.

Bo challenges Coaches to look at their athletes, notice the behaviors they display and find ways to use these strengths for the betterment of the team through nominating them an appropriate Non-Technical role.

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