In this week’s 5 minutes with Bo Hanson, Bo discusses Values vs Behavior. So what is the difference between adapting our behaviors and compromising our values? Bo talks about how as a Coach, one of the key roles is to create a culture for your athletes based on your values.


Values vs Behavior

One of the challenges we face as Coaches or as leaders at some stage of our career is when we feel like our values have been compromised. So what are our values, what defines them and what is the difference between our values and our behaviors?

Essentially our values are the things that are most important to us. They are things we would never compromise on. And although they are ‘standards of our behavior’, they do differ from our actual behaviors which can be adapted to suit a particular circumstance, without us having to change our fundamental values.

He also discusses the differences between values and behaviors using a personal example of when his own values were compromised by an external party.

“Recently, I was put in a position where my values, and the culture I was creating with a team of young athletes, was significantly compromised by the administration at this club,” Bo said.

“So I was left with the question – ‘what do I do?’ Knowing that sport is an opportunity to teach life skills and knowing that I wouldn’t compromise on my values, I was faced with a choice. Did I want to continue with the club and have my values ‘stepped on’, or did I want to use this opportunity to show my young athletes why values are so important.”

Watch this episode of 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson to see how he handled this tough decision.

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