By Liz Hanson and Kate Roskvist

If you are looking for impactful and effective Sport Professional Development for your Coach Development, Athlete Leadership, or Sport Management University Program, then here are 7 things you cannot afford to miss.

  1. Avoid the ‘sugar rush’ of a one-off occasion. Development is not an event, it’s a process. Be disciplined with ongoing opportunities to engage, revisit content and provide development experiences.
  2. Include quality facilitation of discussions, individual reflection on prior personal experiences and lessons learnt.
  3. Make sure content is relevant and contextual. Use real life examples as the basis to develop their skills and always use their existing and previous experience.
  4. There’s a distinct difference between ‘knowing something’ and ‘doing it’.  Application is key.  Incorporate learning check-points for feedback on how they are progressing, and buddies or mentors who help your people stay accountable for putting it into practice.
  5. Ensure your program is highly interactive with multimodal resources. Use quality case studies, reference materials, assessments, videos, games and experiential exercises for improved uptake and retention. These different modalities make learning enjoyable.
  6. Credible and experienced facilitators are vital for your program to be taken seriously.  Further enhance your impact with guest speakers.
  7. Include lots of fun factor!

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