Are you wondering where 2018 has disappeared to? So are we! With a huge year under our belt, we couldn’t be more excited for the new year ahead. But before we head into 2019, we’re pleased to share another thought-provoking update with you. We continue to shine the spotlight on more of our inspirational clients, dive into hot topics such as the ‘right place for goals’ and ‘what’s best for the team’, and much more. Ready to read and watch on?! Over to you…

Olympic Mental Challenges – Insights from Dr Nicole Detling
A guiding philosophy to face adversity, Olympic challenges and the exhilaration of achieving goals

Mental Performance Coach, Dr Nicole Detling, is distinguished by her ability to cultivate exceptional progress in her athletes. Professionally, she was a fundamental part of Team USA’s incredibly successful campaigns at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, 2014 Sochi Olympics and the 2018 Olympics in PyeongChang. She worked with the US Speed Skating and Freestyle Aerial Ski teams as well as the Snowboarding team for PyeongChang. Over two decades she’s developed a unique insight into the pressures associated with Olympic performance, how to work through them and lay the foundations for success. Read on to benefit from Nicole’s personal insights.

5 MINS WITH BO HANSON VIDEO: Where Goals Have Their place
Where do goals fit in? With the on-going debate by others about the use or purpose of goals (or not), in this 5 minute video Bo Hanson talks about the way goals set standards for behavior and performance. He also talks about the way goals can guide an athlete’s focus, learning from the past, projecting into the future and doing the work required in the now. He brings awareness to the perspective that each time frame offers. Watch as he discusses the place for goals. Watch the video now.

Conflict Management, Team Culture and High-Performance Sport
With Joshua Gordon: An insight into effective conflict management and resolution, both proactive and reactive

Josh Gordon relishes the opportunity to resolve fractious conflicts or situations engulfed by ineffective cultures. He’s a conflict management specialist, founder of the Sports Conflict Institute, and co-author of essential reading, The Sport’s Playbook: Building Teams That Outperform, Year After Year. In this article Josh explains why sport is a fertile breeding ground for conflict, the impact of building a culture from the ground up and the potential damage that conflict can cause regardless of whether it’s acknowledged or unacknowledged. His insights provide compelling reading for anyone, but especially coaches working to keep athletes performing at peak levels. Read more now.

A Game Changer – Sandra Chu
Coaching the individual within a team honors athletic quest for high-performance

Sandra Chu, High-Performance Consultant, Princeton Graduate, Director of Two Tigers Consulting, successful Collegiate Rowing Coach, is a proven game changer. In any sport, in any field, her commitment to excellence, ability to analyze the obstacles, develop strategies and institute changes, transforms lives and fundamentally the ability and performance of teams.

In this article Sandra gives us the opportunity to understand some of her strategies. This 8 x NCAA Championship Coach leaves little to chance and her strategies and beliefs shape her program, her identity and also her consultancy. Read about Sandra Chu here.

Engagement & Excellence in Sport and Recreation Management
How Texas A&M University-Commerce focus on experience, network and skill building to improve the lives and current careers of Sport and Recreation Management students

Texas A&M University-Commerce is an intellectual and cultural hub for the area’s vibrant multilingual and multicultural community. The campus itself is located in an area that thrives with the possibility of commercial growth and University courses service the focus on international business. They encourage engagement, energy and work ethic in all of their Health and Human Performance students. Faculty work together to deliver exceptional outcomes, making an immediate impact on students’ lives and their professional careers. In this article we talk to Dr Clay Bolton and Dr Anthony Rosselli about their curriculum, students, internships and building those all-important networks. Read about this exceptional Sport and Recreation Management Program now.

5 MINS WITH BO HANSON VIDEO: What’s Best for the …. A Useful Perspective
In this short video Bo Hanson unpacks a simple tool that gives you the ability to independently analyze performance and optimize outputs every time your athletes take the field, court or track, eclipsing event status and subjective opinion. It’s a way of thinking that can be applied to any sport to achieve repeatable performances, regardless of whether that performance is a national championship, Olympic final or just a routine training session. Watch this short video to find out what’s best for you and your team. Watch the video now.


46th NCAA Women Coaches Academy and Academy 2.0
November 28 – December 1 2018 in Denver, Colorado
WeCoach (previously the Alliance of Women Coaches) is set to stage the 46th Women Coaches Academy (WCA) and the second Academy 2.0 in Denver at the end of November 2018. Academy 2.0 is a master-class that sees the second cohort of women coaches, graduates of the NCAA Women Coaches Academies, submerge themselves in a specialist extension program run in conjunction with the upcoming WCA. Liz Hanson is presenting key workshops at both events. Read more about the programs here.

And, if you’d like to support the work of WeCoach and get kitted up with awesome clothing, ensure to visit the WeCoach merchandise webpage.

2018 National Fastpitch Coaches Association National Convention
December 5 – 8 2018 in Chicago, Illinois
Share the excitement, the speakers, and the learning with us at the Annual Fastpitch Coaching convention. Reflect on your results and prepare for the year ahead. Bo Hanson, of Athlete Assessments, is presenting a half-day pre-convention workshop on ‘Team Culture Toolkit’ and a workshop during the convention on ‘How to be Athlete Tough’ – both must-see presentations. Find out more.

2018 American Volleyball Coaches Association Convention
December 12 – 16 2018 in Minneapolis, Minnesota
Be sure to get to one of the two workshops presented by Bo Hanson at this year’s AVCA Convention, or catch both Bo and Liz Hanson in the exhibition hall at the Athlete Assessments Booth #202. Bo will be facilitating workshops which catalyze winning cultures and coaching strategies. They are packed with tools, usable strategies and real-life examples from his daily work as a coaching consultant to championship winning teams, Olympians and professional athletes. We’ll see you there!

2018 Intercollegiate Tennis Association Annual Coaches Convention
December 14 – 17 2018 in Naples, Florida
Learn the mechanics of creating and maintaining a winning culture at Bo Hanson’s Team Culture Toolkit presentation during the 2018 Intercollegiate Tennis Association’s Annual Conference. Annual Conferences are always a phenomenal opportunity to learn and this year’s ITA Conference in Florida will be no different. In addition to his presentation, Bo will facilitate a panel discussion on culture, featuring invaluable real-life insights from three extraordinary tennis coaches, Roland Thornqvist (University of Florida), Robin Stephenson (University of Washington) and Kelcy McKenna (University of Wisconsin – Madison). Find out more.

2019 The National Association of Kinesiology in Higher Education National Conference
January 9 – 12 2019 in Savannah, Georgia
It’s a rare occasion that you’ll see both Bo Hanson, 4 x Olympian and Performance Consultant, and Liz Hanson, CEO and Client Director of Athlete Assessments, on the same stage presenting. But if you’re going to the NAKHE National Conference in Savannah in the new year, you will. With the focus of the conference on “Best Practices in Kinesiology: Showcasing our Successes” and key themes of conference on faculty development, student success, entrepreneurism and innovative curricula, it’s their sincere honor to be invited to speak. See you there!


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“A year from now you’ll be glad you started today.”

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Dwayne Johnson

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Tim Duncan

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Harry Sheehy

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