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After a successful career in sport including four Olympics and three Olympic Medals, Bo Co-founded and Developed Athlete Assessments. Bo now Directs Athlete Assessments, and focuses on Coaching Consultations and Corporate Training Consultations and Presenting.

The How, What and Why of Athlete Leadership – Tips for Coaches

An efficient and effective leadership approach for athletes By Bo Hanson - Director and Lead Consultant So, you’ve just decided on the leadership role or roles within your team. Now the journey begins! What do you want your leaders to do? How do you expect them to carry out the role? You might have your own ideas and [...]

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Embracing Values from Inside the Sports Team

Why player ownership is essential in driving team values to achieve success in sport By Bo Hanson - Director and Lead Consultant There are some non-negotiable principles teams need to have in place if they are to achieve success. Firstly, every unique team must have a set of values they agree to live by. Secondly, they [...]

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Energize your Team like a Rock Star

By Bo Hanson - Director and Lead Consultant Start energizing your team like a Rock Star Rock bands follow a formula for managing their audience’s energy. When you think about any of the live gigs you’ve been to, they follow a pretty predictable pattern.  Predictable but effective. In this short video Bo Hanson shows you how [...]

6 CRUCIAL Steps to Success in Taking Over a Program

The How-To Coach's Guide for a Successful 1st Year By Bo Hanson, Senior Consultant, Athlete Assessments Congratulations! You’ve just been recruited as the new Head Coach. Whatever circumstances led to your appointment, the fact remains; you need to turn this team around – fast. You’ve got to get important elements of the team on side [...]

Domino Effect in Sport

Why it’s more helpful to believe that moments are unconnected. By Bo Hanson, Director and Lead Consultant – Athlete Assessments Many believe in the ‘domino effect’ as a natural force in life and subsequently, sport. It’s often referred to as the concept of ‘momentum’. The domino effect is best explained as looking at life, or [...]

The Pressure of Perfectionism

How the pressure of perfectionism can be alleviated by coaching strategies that focus on effort not execution, beliefs and behavior By Bo Hanson, Director and Lead Consultant – Athlete Assessments ‘The Rise of Perfectionism’ among college students is a significant trend according to an article by the Harvard Business Review. In summary, the article was [...]

Footballing Bible FourFourTwo Investigates Team Chemistry

Athlete Assessments Sport DISC Behavioral Profiles An Essential Step In Understanding Team Chemistry By Bo Hanson (Director and Lead Consultant) and Mim Haigh (Sports Writer) – Athlete Assessments When the world's biggest football magazine, FourFourTwo, took a look at team chemistry, writer Ben Welch spoke to premiership winning players, like Crystal Palace midfielder Yohan Cabaye [...]

Why We’re Not Leading Teams

By Bo Hanson, Director and Lead Consultant – Athlete Assessments Next time you’re considering using a sports consultancy to improve your team’s performance, make sure they can deliver what they’re promising. How do they intend to work with you? And, what’s their track record? Often in our work, we’re asked if we’re leading teams. Our [...]

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Tennis Australia: Learning Coaching Lessons The Hard Way

Reflections on the Recent Media about Bernard Tomic and Patrick Rafter (Note: Tennis Australia is not a client of Athlete Assessments) By Bo Hanson, Director and Lead Consultant – Athlete Assessments When it comes to Coaches and athletes, Tennis Australia is doing it tough. An article recently appeared in our news feed regarding the state [...]

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Unsafe vs Uncomfortable: 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

By Bo Hanson, Director – Athlete Assessments Stepping out of your comfort zone is an important component to growth, personal development and achieving success. As Coaches, we continually encourage our athletes to get comfortable with the uncomfortable in order to expand skill development and improve results. However, there is a big difference between creating experiences [...]

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