Here we feature all you could possibly want to know about behavioral profiling like DISC and its practical application for sport.

5 Minutes with Bo Hanson: Momentary Vs Sustained Adaptations

By Bo Hanson In this 5 Minute with Bo Hanson, Bo talks about recognizing the difference between a Momentary Adaptation and a Sustained Adaptation and how the two effect an athletes’ ability to perform at their best. Every athlete has a way of doing things that just feels right. A way they like to shoot, [...]

Elissa Kent – From Championship Player to Championship Coach

Being a great player doesn’t always equate to being a great Coach. It takes a different skillset and a different mindset. Many incredible athletes have tried to make the transition and been unsuccessful. But there are a few who have got it right. Elissa Kent is one of these few. “It is not so much [...]

Back to Basics – Developing Resilience

In the moments leading up to a game or race, it’s easy to visualize success and feel mentally tough. It’s easy to sit back and talk team strategies with our heart rates low and our breathing under control in an environment where we feel comfortable, unbeatable, ready. But toughness is not defined by pre-game talk [...]

Ali Carey-Oliver: How to take over a Program and Win! The Game Plan for Coaching Success

Head Coach Ali Carey-Oliver achieved unprecedented success at Mt. San Antonio College after her women’s Volleyball program won their first ever Conference Championship with a perfect 8-0 conference record and an outstanding 20-4 season overall. What made this result even more exceptional is how she achieved it in her first year as Coach at Mt. [...]

Finding the Winning Edge: Bo Hanson’s Podcast with USA Football

In March this year, Athlete Assessments’ Bo Hanson was invited to speak on USA Footballs’ Coach and Coordinator Podcast. Amongst other things, he discussed the importance of “performance through people”, coaching millennials and why the Coach-athlete relationship is a key performance factor. You can listen to the podcast in full here! And we highly recommend [...]

Coach Roland Thornqvist: Winning Coaches Never Stop Learning

Since publishing this article in early May 2017, Coach Roland Thornqvist has won another National Championship in late May 2017. Have you ever wondered what successful Coaches do differently? How they manage to amass title after title and build a team culture athletes want to be part of? The first thing we noticed with winning [...]

Brandon Urry: It’s the Practical Experience that Makes a Difference in Sports Management

Nothing beats Sports Management experience and that is why the value of internships is the key to success in Sports Administration. Landing your dream career in the field of Sports Administration can be nearly as tough as landing one on the sporting field itself. There are limited spaces to fill and only the best of [...]

5 Must Haves of Championship Winning Teams


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Thank you! Coaching Generation Y Athletes Video Series

Thank you for entering your details to access the 'Coaching Generation Y Athletes Video Series'. You can now access the full video series by clicking on the below link and entering the password 'exclusive' Link: Password: exclusive At Athlete Assessments, we’re here to provide you with excellence in service and to help you be your [...]

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Preparing Students for Success: DISC Career Management Report

Athlete Assessments’ DISC Career Management Report At Athlete Assessments we work in high performance, so we pride ourselves on being ahead of the curve and delivering services that will have a positive and lasting impact to our clients’ lives as well. Our philosophy is that athletes don’t play sport, people do. And whether you are [...]

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