As any master coach will tell you, successful sports coaching is never “arrived at”, and requires constant coaching development. Here you’ll find articles and case studies dedicated to best practice sport coach development.

Sport Coach Development Programs: Across the Codes

By Liz Hanson and Kate Roskvist An insight into the five ‘football’ high performance sport coach development programs, and those who lead them, in Australia. This article was featured in our latest People+Sport Magazine: Education and Professional Development Edition which is available to read online here. Australia has a long and successful history of being a formidable sporting nation across a vast array of sports.  In ‘football’ alone there are five major codes, all taking their unique place in the sporting landscape.  Consistent across all football codes is the belief that the quality of their coaches determines the quality of their game, engagement of players and ultimately their success.  As a result, they all take coach development in their sport seriously and invest significantly in coach accreditation and continued professional development. […]

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What do expert coaches have in common? 5 Minutes with Bo Hanson

 Video Presentation by Bo Hanson, 4x Olympian and Coaching Consultant Watch Bo Hanson discuss what expert coaches have in common and what is the key factor in what makes these top coaches so great. Recorded during an ABC TV Interview, find out why adapting your behavior to suit the needs of your athletes is vital [...]

Rugby Union Coach Development: Matthew Wilkie

Internationally renowned as the gentlemen’s code, Rugby Union has earned its place in history as dignified and nuanced, while ensuring an exciting future with its ‘Sevens’ now being an Olympic sport. With teams from France to South Africa it is also one of the most globally affecting. Keeping this in mind, and with the aim of internationally being ahead of the rest, the Australian Rugby Union (ARU) Level Three Coaching Course is designed to provide their coaches with advanced education to enhance their abilities in high-level competition. […]

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Rugby League Coach Development: Dylan Hides

While Rugby League’s history is entrenched as the ‘working class game’, the modern code has gained a much broader appeal across the country.  Its popularity recently confirmed when the National Rugby League (NRL) signed the largest television rights deal within Australia.  With this enviable position comes expectations and responsibilities, particularly in regard to the standard of the game, player behavior and the quality of coaches. […]

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Football Coach Development: Rob Sherman

A game that can draw comparisons with religion in England and South America, Football or ‘Soccer’ is a sport with a significant following around the world. Some parts of the world follow the cosmopolitan code with a bit more passion than others but nevertheless it has the potency to inspire, exhilarate and keep an enormous base of loyal fans. […]

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Australian Football Coach Development: Lawrie Woodman

The Australian Football League (AFL) presides over one of the most iconic forms of football in the country. Since 1897 the game has been the cause for celebration as well as heated bar room conversation.  While its traditional heartland is in the south, AFL has built a strong base across Australia and is growing internationally. The AFL facilitates a vast array of courses including the High Performance Coaching Course at the elite end of their accreditation program. This course is for coaches who aspire to train and develop elite footballers and it covers a wide range of relevant issues, including time dedicated to topics such as technology and public relations. […]

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Sport Professional Development – 7 Critical Elements

By Liz Hanson and Kate Roskvist If you are looking for impactful and effective Sport Professional Development for your Coach Development, Athlete Leadership, or Sport Management University Program, then here are 7 things you cannot afford to miss. […]

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Mentoring in Referee Development

A successful formula for mentoring programs By Liz Hanson and Kate Roskvist The impact a mentor can have on someone's development can be profound and the benefits enormous for both sides of the relationship. However many programs, despite the best of intentions, struggle to reap the rewards of mentoring and success rates vary dramatically. Many [...]

NCAA Women Coaches Academy (WCA)

By Liz Hanson and Kate Roskvist Skills development, retention, mentoring and collaboration for Women Coaches The NCAA Women Coaches Academy (WCA) celebrated its 30th program in 2013, and continues to be the most respected and sought after coach development program available to female coaches in the US.  Having produced more than 1,100 graduates over the last decade, its central aim is to advance the coaches’ existing skills with professional development in areas outside the specifics of their own sport, and emphasize the importance of management skills, communication, decision-making, leadership and ethics. […]

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Leadership Development and Coaches

By Bo Hanson – 4x Olympian, Coaching Consultant & Director of Athlete Assessments At the recent 2009 Evolution of the Athlete Conference in Brisbane Australia, Athlete Assessments conducted a survey of participant coaches from Australia and New Zealand.   This article highlights the results of two important questions within the survey – one on leadership development and one on access to mentors. The results are alarming: […]

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