We’ve collated all of the important research in sport and distilled the results into the relevant facts and importantly, how to apply this knowledge.

The Coach Athlete Relationship is a Performance Factor

The Coach athlete relationship is recognized as a performance factor in today’s modern sporting environment. Like any other relationship it is defined by the quality of understanding, respect, trust and predictability that exists between two people. What makes the Coach athlete relationship unique (when compared to relationships which may exist between two athletes or two [...]

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Youth Sports, What Can They Learn From Finnish schools?

Sports in many ways is like education. Athletes need to be taught new skills, they need to be nurtured, especially in the conscious incompetence and unconscious competence stages of their learning where these new skills are still foreign to them, such as in youth sports, and athletes need to be given the best opportunities to [...]

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Former student-athletes blitzing the competition

We all know sports is good for us. We know it acts as a vehicle for life skills, gives us an opportunity to participate, be the best we can be and helps us develop resiliency during our training and in competition. But what you might not know is that former student-athletes are also stronger and [...]

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Data Analytics in Sport: Science vs People

An article has been published in the MIT Technology Review looking at the best-selling book Moneyball by Michael Lewis and how it has changed the way people think about data analytics in sport. Lewis’s book introduced the sporting world, and in particular those with the biggest vested interests, a method in which player performance was measured and [...]

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Research on Abuse in Sport and Athlete Welfare

By Bo Hanson 4x Olympian and International Coaching Consultant Recently Sports Illustrated published an important article titled, 'Is the era of abusive college coaches finally coming to an end?'. The article highlighted alarming issues with modern collegiate athletics based on surveys of 20,000 college athletes, as well as the latest research in psychophysiology, psychology, depression, health and abusive [...]

DISC Profiling Research into the Effectiveness of Developing Self-Awareness

By Kate Roskvist David Hedlund, Assistant Professor, St John's University. Over the summer, Bo Hanson, Director of Athlete Assessments and David Hedlund, Assistant Professor of Sport Management at St. John’s University, New York presented at the National Coaching Conference in Morgantown. The presentation focused on David’s ‘Research into the Effectiveness of Developing Sport Coaches’ [...]

Athlete-Centered Coaching is Better – Research Paper

By Jason Drummond The following content has been adapted from a research paper written pursuant to a NRL High Performance Coach accreditation assessment task. Coaching is a dynamic, multidimensional process that involves interactions between the coach, athlete, environment and task, for the purpose of enhancing athlete performance (Kidman & Davis, 2006). Different approaches to coaching reflect different value systems and can be classified as either autocratic (coach-centered) or democratic (athlete-centered) (Lyle, 2002). In determining whether one should use a coach-centered or athlete-centered approach, it is first necessary to examine the theory underpinning each approach, with a view to discerning which has a more beneficial impact on performance. […]

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Graduate Sport Management Programs: Student Satisfaction

By Kate Roskvist, Athlete Assessments Recently Liz and I attended the 2014 NASSM Conference in Pittsburgh. The North American Society for Sport Management Conference often features the innovators of the Sport Management industry, and many lecturers we meet there are committed to delivering the most valuable and practical experience for their students. […]

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Leadership Research: Why People Follow Leaders

By Bo Hanson - 4x Olympian, Coaching Consultant & Director of Athlete Assessments You are a Leader only if others follow After reading ‘How Full is Your Bucket’ by Tom Rath and Donald O. Clifton PhD, I read another of Rath’s books titled ‘Strengths Based Leadership’. An important chapter of this book is all about [...]

Sports Coaching Challenges: Evolution of Athlete Conference

Collated by Liz Hanson, Client Director of Athlete Assessments Coach Survey Summary Results What are the top three sports coaching challenges faced? 50% rated “Understanding individual athlete’s personality and how to best motivate them” 46% rated “Personal life balance – managing sport, career, home and social etc” 31% rated “Team/squad dynamics and managing relationships within the team/squad” […]

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